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UK Maths Challenge

March 9th, 2015

The team on their way to compete at the Maths Team Challenge at City of London School

Early in February, group of lower school boys sat the Intermediate Maths Challenge, an annual extra-curricular maths exam taken by pupils across the country by students who show an extra flare for mathematics.

Following on from last year’s success, a number of boys received certificates meaning that they ranked highly in the national competition. Abubakar Buwe won a gold certificate, while Dylan Nguyen, Shivom Gun and Kokob Kidane won silver and Thomas Crickmar, Anas Abdulle, Kearny Ajai-Ajagbe Phillips, Muhammad Roshid and Mateusz Kopiec won bronze.

The school is proud of all the boys who received a certificate, recognising their effort and commitment to maths, but some of their efforts didn’t stop there.

Having performed well in last year’s Junior Maths Challenge, four boys were selected to represent Central Foundation at the UK Maths Team Challenge at the City of London School. Abubakar Buwe, Mateusz Kopiec, Isaaq Tomkins and Abubakar Finiin competed against 28 other state, academy and fee paying schools.

The Maths Team Challenge involved a variety of rounds, including a relay race

The competition mixed mathematical skill with team work, communication and athleticism. They started with a group round of ten questions, deciding any method to answer them as a group before splitting into pairs and answering a numerical crossword puzzle where one group had across and the other had down clues. They then had to complete four questions in pairs, but with the first answer being part of the later questions.

The final round was a hectic race against the clock, involving a relay race as pupils ran around the room solving problems and moving on to the next station.

Central Foundation’s team finished in the top half of schools, placing 12th.

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