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Theatre in Education Workshop

After finishing their exams 8 of our Year 11 students formed a theatre group. These pupils devised a production and workshop to take to primary schools. The production was set in a zoo and took the theme of friendship and looking out for one another.

The story involved a boy who doesn’t think he needs friends and goes around annoying the other boys on the trip.  When he falls asleep they leave him.  In his dreams he meets a monkey, a lion, a bear and two penguins who teach him the true meaning of friendship. The production froze at a crucial moment and it was the task of the primary school children to come up with a resolution.

As part of the workshop our students organised warm-up games and then each took a group of Year 5 children to devise a short scene. They visited Grasmere School, Thornhill Primary, Argyle Primary and Clerkenwell Parochial, working with group sizes of up to 60 children.  Our boys were praised for their confidence and abilities of working with the Year 5 pupils. Congratulations to them for all their hard work.

As part of our on-going work with primary schools our Year 7 students visited Christopher Hattom, Hugh Myddelton, Winton, St Albans, Prior Weston, Hanover, St Lukes and St George the Martyr.  There they delivered a speech about their emotions when moving from primary to secondary school, sharing all their highlights and experiences at Central Foundation. They were asked questions by the primary students and spoke to the Year 6 pupils so they would have a friendly face when they begin secondary school.


Theatre in Education Workshop   Theatre in Education Workshop

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