Following on from government guidance and after careful consideration of the matter, the current position of the School in respect of face coverings is as follows.

Staff and students should wear face coverings in areas where social distancing cannot easily be maintained, such as corridors and communal areas.  All staff and students should have their own face coverings.  Students’ face coverings should be plain, with no patterns or wording upon them.  Students should carry a plastic bag in which they place the face covering when they are not wearing it.  The School will carry supplies of face masks and plastic bags for the occasions when students have forgotten or mislaid their mask or bag.

The layout of our school is such that it makes it difficult to maintain social distancing when staff and pupils are moving around the premises, for example, in corridors.  We have set up the timetable and the structure of the students’ day to minimise movement around the school and overcrowding.  However, these are routines that are new to staff and the students. Whilst we are seeing how they work, and getting used to them, there appears more opportunity for a breach of social distancing.  Face coverings will help to minimise risk in such circumstances.

The government guidance states that based on current evidence and the measures that schools are putting in place, such as the system of controls and consistent bubbles, face coverings will not be necessary in the classroom, even where social distancing is not possible.  However, at the moment, although face coverings will not be required in the classroom, both staff and students will be able to wear them if they wish.  Staff and students may well experience anxiety upon their return to school and the wearing of a face covering may help to alleviate this anxiety somewhat.




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