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Did you know that Britain has one of the lowest rates of social mobility in the world? With this in mind, Margaret McCabe, a former commercial barrister set up Debate Mate, a charity which ensures that students can both realise and fulfil their true potential through debating. There is no doubt that peer-led debating promotes:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Higher-order thinking skills
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Academic achievement
  • Engagement with social issues

And there was clearly no shortage of these skills from the Central Foundation Boys’ School Debating Team as they battled it out to become one of the top eight schools in the country this year. Ranked 2nd, the boys were invited to participate in the Artemis Urban Debate League Final at Simons and Simons law firm and the House of Lords.

The team, Andrie Miller, Andrew Miller, Omar Aadan, George Benson, Derek Nightingale and Kaan Yuksel were given the motion “This house believes tabloids do more harm than good” and were asked to act as the opposition.

After just a few minutes to prepare their case the speakers were called to the stand. Those chairing the competition commended the boys on their knowledge of public affairs, eloquent style and fast-thinking.

The team focused on notions surrounding freedom of speech, relevant case studies and the importance of communicating information to the masses. Despite a winning performance, the boys just missed out from reaching the final debate but after raising a wide range of relevant issues in such a dynamic way the team can only be commended for impressing a team of experienced lawyers and chairs.

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