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Summer Concert

July 5th, 2016

The Concert Band performing Raspberry Beret

In the final week of June, Music School staged their annual Summer Concert. It showcased the hard work and commitment the pupils show throughout the year during their rehearsals which take place an hour before school starts.

The concert featured a varied programme of music, opening with the string group playing Bartók’s Echoes. Later in the night four members of the string group returned for another instrumental number – Hungarian Dances by Brahms.

The evening saw a mix of classical and contemporary music from a number of groups

Other instrumental numbers included the FretWrxToo guitar group’s take on the traditional Sakura, Tito Puente’s Oye Como Va as well as the full concert band performing the pop songs Twist & Shout and Bad Romance.

However, the majority of performances did feature vocals. This included Joydeep Shil singing Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, the main FretWrx guitar group playing and singing Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl and the Chamber Choir’s a capella take on The Zutons’ Valerie, as made famous by Amy Winehouse. Another modern pop song made an appearance in a sixth-form exclusive performance as the Sixth Form Band welcomed the summer with Corinne Bailey-Rae’s Put Your Records On.

David Bowie provided lead vocals for Let's Dance, the evening's closing performing

Throughout the evening, tributes were paid to two music icons who passed away earlier this year: Prince and David Bowie. Early in the evening the concert band performed Prince’s Raspberry Beret and later the experimental Dance Electric, which was written by Prince but performed by André Cymone. The evening closed with Let’s Dance, with the Concert Band providing music and backing vocals and lead vocals performed by David Bowie himself.

For more images of the concert, click here.

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