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Anti Piracy Workshop

Record label Shed Records visited the school yesterday to educate Central Foundation students about all the work that is involved to produce a music track. The workshop, encouraging young people to stop downloading music illegally, featured guest speakers representing the various roles in the music industry. The speakers went over all the behind-the-scenes jobs of the music business to show how much the industry relies on music sales.

The group demonstrated how music heard on the radio or online evolves from an idea to a finished record. Dan (songwriter) broke down the process of developing a song, and Paul Sheddon (record label owner) explained the role of a Manager and Producer. 

Next, illustrating the job of a Sound Engineer, required both an interactive demonstration and audience participation. Students Shamsul Haque (Sixth Form) and Idris Sobande (Year 11) were selected to mix the track Dan had been working on. Artist Natisse then performed the finished song – “Kiss Me On The Lips“.

Natisse was used to illustrate the typical day-to-day life of a music artist, explaining how they survive whilst building their career. Natisse added she does not make enough money as an artist and at present works in a pub. The workshop further discussed the importance of music with a talk from the British Phonographic Industry which speaks for the UK recorded business.

The morning was finished with an awards ceremony with Natisse presenting awards to Mr Bang’s Year 12 team Bangchester United who had won the football league cup.

The winning team:

Nicholas Kyriacou (Goal Keeper)
Conor Brown (Attacker) – Top Scorer with 29 goals
Jason Gardner (Attacker)
Julian Estrada (Sub Attacker)
Callum Brennan (Defender)
Junior Ogiehor (Defender)
Joshua Barton-Daly (Sub Defender)
Sabbir Ahmed (Sub Defender)

The BBC attended the event and conducted interviews with Central Foundation students, exploring their thoughts on the workshop. 

Read the BBC article here:

Listen to the BBC Radio 1 broadcast here:

Central Foundation would like to thank Mr Qeshta for organising the event and wish the group the best of luck on their school tour encouraging students to ‘support the music.’


Student BBC Interview   Mr Qeshta and Natisse

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