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Industry professionals led small groups in CV and covering letter discussions

Over the past two weeks, the Central Futures team have been preparing Sixth Formers for the working world with a series of intimate talks with a range of industry professionals.

Last Wednesday, employees of some of London’s leading firms across a range of industries sat down for small group discussions with Year 12s about their career ambitions and to help improve their CVs. The mentors, many of whom have been involved in employment panels, shared their advice regarding what potential employers are looking for on CVs and how best to write covering letters.

While downstairs in The Great Hall focussed on CVs and covering letters, upstairs a series of one-on-one mock interviews were taking place. After identifying which field of industry the students wished to pursue, they were paired with professionals from that field who then conducted an interview with them under working place conditions. For many students it was the first time they have had this experience.

Mentors returned for one-on-one discussions and further evaluation

After the interview they were given feedback on areas to improve. The following week the mentors returned to evaluate updated CVs and covering letters, helping further guide the students.

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