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Sixth Form Drama Club

February 26th, 2012

Sixth Form Drama Club Rehearsals

Sixth Form drama club began this month, offering drama enthusiasts the chance to improve their acting skills and perform in a professional production.

Auditions were held at the start of February, which saw 20 hopefuls come to try out. The group are currently rehearsing their first production which is William Shakespeare’s infamous tragic play Romeo and Juliet. Sixth Form student Tahmid Chowdhury, who last year wrote and directed CFBS’ play Look Right Through Me, will again be directing. The club aims to have their first performance before the Easter break.

The Cast list is:

Romeo: Malcolm Atobrah
Juliet: Corrina Suri
Nurse: Abdul Abdulla
Mercutio: Francis Antwi
Benvolio: Charlie Diver
Tybalt: Tahmid Islam
Lady Capulet: Ahmed Walley
Capulet: Ferat Arikan
Lady Montague: Waseem Al Abdullah
Montague: Shahrukh Khan
Prince Escalus: Shakil Dowla
Servant: Omabuwa Tetsola
Friar Lawrence: Samir Sayah
Friar John: Taoheed Afolayan
Balthazar: Toyeeb Afolayan
Narrator: Mohammed Hussan
Chorus: Colin O’Halleron, Solman Khan, Andre Santos, Wasim Iqbal

Drama Club takes place every Tuesday in the drama studio (old LRC). If anyone would like to join or find out more please see Tahmid Chowdhury or leave a message with Ms Spurr.


Sixth Form Drama Club Rehearsals  Sixth Form Drama Club Rehearsals

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