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School Council Election Results

February 8th, 2012

School Elections

We have a tradition of a very active student council.  The council aims to improve the experience of students both inside and outside of school.

The School council is supported by members of the sixth form.  We recently held the elections for the school council.

Our new school council members are;

Year 7

  • Azeez Amode
  • Samuel Adesanya
  • Samuel Alferink
  • Gideon Ankrah
  • Patavee Thamvimutti

Year 8

  • Joshua Garrett
  • Asif Ahmed
  • Mayuresh Mita

Year 9

  • Derek Nightingale
  • Joshua Shanny-Wynter
  • George Benson

Year 10

  • Elliot Colley
  • Nahid Uddin
  • Mansor Mohammed

The first council meeting will take place this week before a whole school assembly on Tuesday 21st February after half term. 

The coordinating team of sixth formers are Tahmid Chowdhury (Council Coordinator) Adrian Hracki (Deputy Council Coordinator) and Wasim Iqbal (Deputy Council Coordinator).

Congratulations to them all!

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