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Royal Society

January 19th, 2015

Ms Ajayi helping the Year 7s and 8s consider different uses for energy


Recently some Year 7 and 8 science pupils attended a conference at the Royal Society, the oldest learned society for science.

45 pupils from across Year 7 and 8 were selected to participate in a discussion about current fuel sources, alternatives, sustainable energy and CO2 emission. They heard from professional academics and scientists, before posing their own opinions and asking questions.

Some questions asked included:
• Can we not find uses for the carbon dioxide waste gas produced? (Constantine Proferes)
• You’re asking for 50 billion in funding for the ‘Global Apollo Project’, is this reasonable considering what else it could be spent on? (Daniel Adesanya)
• If we use alcohol to fuel in cars, why don’t we use it for other types of transport like planes? (Patrick Reeves Thripp)
• Why don’t we put down solar panels on roads? (Mustafa Khider)

Pupils guessed when on the timeline inventions had been created

There were also a number of interactive activities and competitions for them to take part in. The most in-depth challenge consisted of a timeline of inventions, where pupils had to identify where along the timeline inventions such as mobile telephones were invented. A number of boys from Central Foundation guessed correctly and won prizes.

For more photos from the day, see our gallery or click here.

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