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July 17th, 2015

Year 8s were rewarded with a visit to Disneyland Paris

At Central Foundation Boys’ School, we believe that hard work and achievement should always be awarded and celebrated. Throughout the year, lower school Heads of Year have continually kept an eye on boys who have been recognised for their good behaviour, polite manner and putting extra effort into everything they do. To acknowledge this hard work each Head of Year organised a trip to reward the boys.

Ms Morrison, Head of Year 9, took 30 Year 9 boys to the London Dungeon for a day trip by the River Thames. While there, the boys learned about the darker side of British history. The exhibit recreates many famous instances of British history, such as Jack the Ripper and a variety of medieval torture and prison methods employed by the police. The boys said they had a scary, but informative day out.

To reward her Year 8 boys Ms Patel, Head of Year, took them to France for a visit to Disneyland Paris. The group flew to Paris and spent two days in the Magic Kingdom with Ms Patel, Mr Barrie and Ms Ajayi. Staying overnight in the Disneyland Hotel meant they had earlier access to the park on the second day, allowing them to make the most of their time there.

The Year 7s made short films using stop-motion animation and editing software

Ms Barton, Head of Year 7, organised two separate trips to reward the Year 7s; one for those who had received Head of Year awards in the weekly Year assemblies and another for those had been awarded the most merits from teachers throughout the year. The first visit was to the British Film Institute; while there they learnt about film projection techniques and different ways to project cinema. They also learnt about the evolution of models and computer graphics in film. At the end of the day they visited saw the newly released film Jurassic World on the IMAX screen, which is the largest screen in the UK. The second visit was a day trip to Thorpe Park in Surrey.

For more pictures from the rewards trips, see our gallery or click here.

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