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The group visited Santander on their trip

At the end of June, a group of pupils visited the Cantabria region of Spain for a week to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Spain.

The group from Years 8 – 10 arrived arrived in Pueste Viesgo on Monday by lunch time. After eating, they visited a nearby mediaeval town called Santillana del Mar. While there, they were encouraged to put their Spanish to use by competing against each other in a scavenger hunt which was made easier to complete if they talked to locals.

While in Puyente Viesgo the group learnt prehistoric hunting techniques

On Tuesday after Spanish lessons, the group travelled to Ontanedo. While there, they visited Alceda Adventure Park which hosted a number of outdoor activities including tree climbing and involved a number of games that promoted team work. On Wednesday they visited the capital of Cantabria, Santander. As well as relaxing on the warm beaches, they were given a tour of the natural beauty of the Magdalena peninsula and later visited the shops of Santander in order to practice the Spanish that they were learning every morning.

The final full day of the visit saw them visit the prehistoric caves of Puente Viesgo. In the afternoon, the tour was complemented by a practical lesson in prehistoric hunting techniques where both the boys and their teachers tried their hand at spear throwing. The trip ended with a final Spanish lesson on Friday morning before going to the airport to make their way home more proficient in Spanish.

For more images of the visit click here.

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