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The Jesters and Music School performing together

In January, a Tel-Aviv rock group called The Jesters visited the UK to perform. While here, they spent two days at Central Foundation rehearsing as well as jamming with Music School’s own house band.

The Jesters’ tour was partly facilitated by a charity Restore The Music. The Jesters visited the school the day before the concert to show some of the boys in Music School how they rehearse and exchange tips and tricks. After rehearsing separately, they spent the afternoon and following day rehearsing.

The rehearsals led to a concert performed in front of the students’ peers, teachers from both London and Tel-Aviv, parents and staff. The Jesters and Music School performed four songs each, followed by a finalé of two songs – Rockin’ In The Free World and Free Fallin’ - by both bands together. It gave the boys another opportunity to perform in front of a large audience, as well as an opportunity to play music with musicians with different experiences to their own.

For more images of the rehearsals and performance, please click here.

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