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After a one-on-one masterclass on a Model D, the pupils explored other models


As part of its commitment to the arts, Central Foundation’s Music School takes place before school every morning, with well over 100 pupils participating in free lessons, including  singing and learning to use both modern and classical instruments.

As well as early morning lessons, the Music School offers many opportunities throughout the year to perform and experience music. Last week, in partnership with Restore the Music, five pianists were invited to Steinway & Sons for a piano masterclass and to see behind the scenes of making an instrument. Steinway & Sons are the world’s most prominent piano company, holding a royal warrant of appointment to Elizabeth II, and are a leader in piano innovations.

The musicians were presented with a deconstructed piano to see how the insides of the instrument function

While at the company’s studio near Oxford Street, the pupils watched a piano be deconstructed into its component parts to see how it works. They were also given one-on-one tutorials by Steinway employees in how to utilise the complex and subtle elements of a Steinway piano. They were treated to an intimate masterclass on a Steinway Model D, the first choice piano of most concert pianists around the world.

After one-to-one sessions, the boys were given a brief tour of the studio and allowed to practice on the various models to explore the differences between the designs.


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