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Loughborough University

July 4th, 2018

The week after half term, 23 GCSE PE students visited Loughborough University to find out where studies in sport can lead.

Loughborough University, based on Leicestershire, is regularly ranked in the top 10 universities of the UK and recently ranked the top university in the world for sports provision. During the day, the students had the chance to tour the campus and witness leading sport technology and facilities in action.

As well as touring the campus, the students experienced a sample of life studying at Loughborough University with a seminar entitled The Life of an Elite Athlete. The seminar was delivered by a Loughborough professor and showed students the academic side of sports science and PE.

Throughout the day, the boys took part in two practical seminars. One of them was a field-based fitness test and the other was a training session of handball. Both of them will help towards their GCSE practical moderation next year.

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