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Lord of the Flies

January 7th, 2019

Deserted on an island, the boys use glasses to make a fire

During the final week of term, the Drama Society presented an adaptation of William Golding’s novel The Lord of the Flies.

The Drama Society worked on the piece throughout the autumn term with direction from Ms Russell, Head of Drama. The play saw the actors take on the roles of a group of schoolboys who crash land on a deserted island without any adults and try to establish their own society.

The play began with a mime-piece, conveying an aeroplane crash

The play was performed by 20 boys from Years 7 – 10. Four more boys contributed by directing the actors and producing the lighting and audio technical work. The piece was enjoyed by parents, students, staff and partners of the school. The production incorporated a number of dramatic devices that will be invaluable to the Year 10 students who are studying Drama at GCSE and have to perform as part of their exam. The play gave the younger pupils a chance to gain experience in public speaking and working together as a team.

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