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‘Look Right Through Me’

July 26th, 2011

'Look Right Through Me' Opening Evening

The drama department’s production ‘Look Right Through Me’ was well received during its 3 shows and praised for its performances and use of multiple locations. The play was based on a true, and very tragic, event that occurred at the school during World War II when 3 students were killed in an air raid.

‘Look Right Through Me’ saw these 3 students searching for revenge. The spectators were taken on a tour of the school, guided by the actors playing Central Foundation teachers. There they visited various locations within the school, from the science classroom to the playground, where strange things begin to happen. It was an entertaining and original piece of drama, written by one of our own students. Congratulations to everyone involved, the cast were excellent and were well directed by Mr May and Ms Southerden. We look forward to all future productions from the drama department.


'Look Right Through Me' Opening Evening  'Look Right Through Me' Opening Evening

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