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Interview Practice

November 22nd, 2017

Sixth Formers took turns interviewing each other for the workshop

Central Foundation provides guidance and helps students secure a pathway they wish to take through further education, employment and apprenticeship. In early November a professional camera crew visited the school to record stock footage of interviews, giving the Sixth Formers a chance to practice and watch back job interviews.

The camera crew spent two hours with Year 12 during their enrichment sessions – periods of time dedicated to learning life-skills and activities. The students were given job titles and company names by the camera crew and then had to assume the role of either the interviewer or the applicant.

The exercise of swapping roles between being interviewed and asking the questions meant they not only had practice in having job interviews, but thought more critically what kinds of questions an interviewer would ask and the answers they want to hear. As the interviews were recorded, it gave students the opportunity to watch the interviews back and evaluate their own performances in interviews.

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