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Houses of Parliament Visit

January 19th, 2015

The pupils were given a personalised tour of Parliament

In the middle of January, six pupils visited the Houses of Parliament for a private tour of the UK’s centre of government.

Six pupils from Year 8 were rewarded with a trip to Westminster for participating in group work earlier on in the year. The workshops helped develop their social, debating and public speaking skills and led to a debating final in the final week of last term.

As Prime Minister David Cameron had arrived shortly beforehand, the group had to be cleared through airport-style security before going into the House of Commons. The group were given a guided tour by an in-house guide who showed them around both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, detailing the history of the building and the process of turning something into law.

After touring the Houses, the group took the opportunity to sightsee in the area, with Westminster Abbey, City Hall and the London Eye all in close proximity.

For more photos from the day, see our gallery or click here.


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