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History model making competition

November 24th, 2014

Year 7 winners Ciaran Brennan, Muhammad Boudemagh and Giovanni Molinaro

In the first half of the Autumn term, the history department ran a competition for Year 7s, 8s and 9s to build a model of a mediaeval castle, the Battle of Naseby and First World War trenches, respectively.


Year 8 winners Zakariya Thain, Shay Thompson and William Bannerman

The department was overwhelmed with entries, leading to a lunch time exhibition of the short list of models in the Year 7 common room.


The level of detail in many models was particularly impressive. Specific tactics of the Battle of Naseby from the Civil War was represented in a variety of ways, some of the castles had hand drawn detailing to represent the stone and brickwork, while the trenches featured not only soldiers but also representations of barbed wire, fallen trees and mud.

Year 9 winners Kit Lee, Andre Deen-Swaray and Mateusz Kopiec

After much deliberation, the history team of Ms McMahon, Mr Samuel and Mr Russell picked three winners from each Year group.


Their reward was a day trip to the Tower of London, where they will see a lot of what they learnt through the project in action. It is also a particularly timely visit as the Tower of London is still displaying the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red instillation, featuring a porcelain poppy that represents every British soldier who died in the Great War planted in the tower’s moat.

More photographs of the model making competition can be viewed in our gallery by clicking here.

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  1. Robert Bannerman Says:

    Well done William, well done and to all those who produced such fantastic work.

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