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Greenwich Science Trip

July 18th, 2011

The National Maritime Museum

The whole of Year 8 were taken on a Science trip to Greenwich on the 8th of July. There they visited the National Maritime Museum, the Queens House and the Royal Observatory. 

The students were able to experience the world-famous Greenwich Meridian Line, which represents the Prime Meridian of the World – Longitude 0°. At the Observatory they saw the rise and fall of the bright red Time Ball, which is one of the world’s earliest public time signals, distributing time to ships on the Thames and many Londoners.

The museums also boast London’s only public camera obscura, the 28-inch telescope housed in the Taj-Mahal-like Onion Dome and the Queen’s House ghost which was famously caught on camera on the Tulip Stairs in 1966.

Despite the frequent rain, the students had an excellent time observing the sights of Greenwich and learning about its fascinating past. Thank you to Mr Gricia for organising the trip and to everyone involved in helping execute such a successful day.


The National Maritime Museum  Greenwich Trip

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