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Testament to a year of hard work and dedication, the Fine Art and Graphics exhibitions at Central Foundation Boys’ School demonstrated a high level of thought, creativity, planning, skill and craftsmanship.

The Graphics exhibition included a sample of work from GCSE Graphics and Resistant Materials as well as A Level Design and Technology.

On show was a variety of design work such as technical drawings and Computer Aided Modelling, as well as 3D models and prototypes.

The design briefs answered included modern lighting, educational toys, storage, architectural models and packaging.

In the next room the Art Exhibition included a range of paintings, sculptures and illustrations by the GCSE Art students.

Each piece was carefully installed, taking the viewer on a journey as they meandered through the show.

Although we could tell you all about the outstanding skill of the painters, sculptures and conceptual artists on display we would perhaps not do the work justice so if you missed the exhibition and would like to see some of the works on display, why not take a look at our Facebook gallery?

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