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A group of Year 5 pupils and their teachers from Hanover Primary School visited CFBS for 3 Art workshops this term. Miss Bishop led the sessions with the invaluable help of Enzo Bocchino from Year 7, Ashraf Cuerdo and Ibrahim Uddin, both from Year 8, who acted as student ambassadors for CFBS.
The Year 5 pupils used the work of Indian born British artist Anish Kapoor to inspire their own creations. They looked at ‘Orbit’, the huge steel sculpture that Kapoor has created for the 2012 Olympic Park and then designed and made their own sculptures for the Olympic Park.
A lot of messy fun was had by all!
The sculptures will now go on display at Hanover Primary School and the pupils who visited CFBS will be teaching their fellow pupils about the project back at the school.

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