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GCSE outcomes 2020

August 20th, 2020

We have been delighted to meet the Year 11 students today to share their GCSE results with them.  These were a testament to their hard work and perseverance over many years, alongside the professionalism and determination of the School’s staff.


Year 11 students celebrating their results with Mayor of Islington, Cllr Rakhia Ismail

Year 11 students in Cowper Street

Year 11 students in Cowper Street

Year 11 students in Cowper Street

As is well known, this year’s GCSE results had to be awarded differently from usual, after exams were unable to go ahead due to Covid-19. Schools and colleges were asked to use their professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the grades they believed a student would have achieved had they sat their exams this year, and to submit these centre-assessed grades (CAGs) to the relevant exam board.

Teachers and leaders in each subject worked together to discuss and agree the centre-assessed grade for each student. They took into account a wide range of available evidence, including class work, mock exams and other records of student performance.  The policy that guided this process is available on the School’s website.

The intention was that the exam boards would then moderate the CAGs, to check that schools and colleges had approached this task consistently, before providing students with their final calculated grades. Unfortunately, as you will no doubt be aware, the method they used to do this proved problematic, and was likely to lead to many grades being unfairly downgraded.

The government therefore made the decision that GCSE and A level students would be awarded whichever was higher for each subject – their CAG or their calculated grade.  The School is delighted that the grades we originally submitted, which reflect our students’ work, effort and ability and which we moderated rigorously internally, will now be awarded.

Overall, the School’s results have stayed consistently high, with 88% of all students having achieved a grade 4 or better in both English and maths whilst 69% achieved at least a grade 5 in these subjects. 40% of all grades were awarded at a grade 7 or better.

We are proud all of our Year 11 students who, as a result of their hard work and commitment before 20th March, have achieved excellent outcomes. There were some remarkable individual performances.  Jacob Potter and Tommy Curson-Smith achieved a clean sweep of grade 9s in all their GCSE subjects, whilst Sameer Chowdhury, Ahmed Elawad and Zak Kirati all achieved at least ten grade 9s each.



The grades achieved by the vast majority of our students to pursue their chosen A level and vocational course.  The school will be providing support to all of our students over the coming days to ensure every one of them is following a course next year that will allow them to continue to flourish and build a bright future.

If the students want to sit any of their exams, the current plan is for a full series of exams to take place in November. We do not yet have full details of how this will work, but please let us know if that is something you would like to discuss. Parents and students should contact Mr Dilley in the first instance.


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