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Friendship Day

April 14th, 2011

Friendship Day

Last week Central Foundation’s annual Friendship Day took place. The school was visited by 10-11 year-olds, who will be entering the school’s Year 7 after the summer. The event aims to welcome their future students and their parents to the school. After a welcome speech from the Headteacher, they were assisted by Central Foundation Prefects and led off in ten groups. Each group was assigned to one of the subjects they would be studying when they join the school.

These interactive 1 hour ‘taster’ sessions introduced the key aspects of the ten classes which varied from Business, to Drama, to Science. They were joined by their parents for the finale, where the future Central Foundation Year 7 pupils got to show off their new found skills and knowledge. The day ended with a performance by the school’s choir and a thank-you from the Headteacher.

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  1. Dillon Says:

    I was helping there!!!

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