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Friendship Afternoon

May 2nd, 2014

Two Year 7s waiting to meet their Year 6 buddies

In the build up to the next crop of Year 7s joining Central Foundation Boys’ School, the current Year 6s who will be joining in September came to visit to spend an afternoon at the school.

As part of our transition programme, the school assigns every Year 7 with a buddy from the Year above who they can go to throughout their first year if they need someone to talk to about changing from primary to secondary and also so they have a friendly face around the school. At Friendship Afternoon, the boys were put in their groups and met their five buddies from the Year above. After this they had a taster activity lesson before being reunited with their parents who were spoken to by the Headteacher.

The Powerpoint presentation delivered on afternoon can be viewed by Friendship Afternoon 2014.

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