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Next week is Year 7-10 exams week. This year we have made significant changes to the format.

In previous years the students had a day or two days off school for study and finished each day that they were in school at an earlier time. We have decided that this is not the most efficient use of students’ time. Instead, school will run at its normal times with the students sitting exams in their lessons.

For all students in Year 7 to 9 who are present for all their exams, school will finish at lunch time on Friday. Any Year 7 to 9 students who have exams to complete will do these on Friday afternoon.

Year 10 students have a GCSE Science exam on Friday afternoon.

The two INSET Days that occur during the academic year are taking place on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st June.

Students, I am sure, will enjoy their extended weekend. Teachers will, however, be working very hard, being involved in training and development to ensure that the provision for the students is continually improving . The INSET days are placed at this point in the year as exams are finished and it allows teachers to focus on developments for the next academic year.

You can download the letter we have sent out to parents, which further details the arrangements discussed in this post, here: Exams Week Letter

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