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Exams for Year 7 – 10

May 8th, 2015

The internal examinations for these Year groups will take place after half term:

  • Year 7 12th June – 18th June
  • Year 8 5th June – 16th June
  • Year 9 1st June – 4th June
  • Year 10 20th May – 11th June

The students will prepare for these examinations/assessments in a number of ways;

  • Revision and the development of exam skills within lessons.
  • Revision based homeworks.
  • Students own self-direct revision.
  • Year assemblies focusing on producing revision timetables and revision skills.

Timetables, details of the content of the exams and information to support revision can be found at these sources;

  • Show My Homework – under the events section on the students’ and parents’ login screen (you will need to log in to Show My Homework in order to see events).
  • This website, by clicking here

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