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Epping Forest Field Trip

October 5th, 2015

The Year 11s recording primary evidence for their coursework

In September 2015, two classes of GCSE Geography pupils visited Epping Forest to conduct a series of experiments that would later make up part of their coursework.

With so much planned for their course, the Year 11s had not a moment to lose and so on the Thursday and Friday of the first month back they set off into Epping Forest. The forest is London’s largest open space at nearly 6,000 acres.

The students spent the two days collecting primary data for their assessment, investigating the hypothesis that Epping Forest is being sustainably and effectively managed and maintained.

Their focus while in Epping Forest was to investigate the pressure visitors can put upon local vegetation. They also researched and evaluated the effectiveness of the management strategies.

After returning, they spent their lessons analysing data and putting together a presentation to either support or reject the hypothesis.

For more images from their field trip, visit the gallery or click here.

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