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DebateMate season opens

January 22nd, 2015

One of Central Foundation's three teams opposing the debated motion

January saw the opening of the new season of the DebateMate Urban League, with the first debate hosted by Central Foundation Boys’ School.

With a strong history in DebateMate, having been the first school to appear in two consecutive national finals (2013 and 2014), Central Foundation was the perfect place to host the first round of matches in this year’s DebateMate competition, with teams from across London converging on the school to debate a number of topics.

Eight schools, many with multiple teams, came to Central Foundation to compete

As well as Central Foundation’s three teams, representatives from Highbury Fields School, La Sainte Union Catholic School, St Mary Magdalene Academy, Mulberry School for Girls, Oaklands School, Ursuline High School and Hackney New School were in attendance to compete.

Debating encourages a number of positive skills such as confidence in public speaking, analysis, independent research and the ability to challenge one’s own perceptions.

The motion contested was “This House believes people should be allowed to sell their body organs.” The motion prompted lively debate amongst the schools and will be the first of many topical areas explored by the competition leading up to the final in May.

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