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Article written by Yusef Labib, Year 12

On the 4th of July, Year 12 students were given the unique opportunity to acquire profound knowledge of the various factors involved with recruitment and CV writing. Harvey Nash, a leading professional recruitment agency, visited the school and undertook an interactive presentation in which they informed students about how to write their CVs, the not so obvious do’s and don’ts and how to conduct themselves during interviews.

They began the session by introducing the organisation and spoke about the importance of a good CV. Then, after splitting the students into groups of four they began the task of sorting real CVs ascending from best to worst, outlining the good and bad aspects of each.

Finally, after an insightful presentation on interview techniques and surprising real-life scenarios, the employees from Harvey Nash paired up the students and gave them a list of ten questions in order to prompt an interview. The students then took turns to formally interview each other before completing the edifying  Q&A session at the end.

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