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Cosmonauts Exhibition

March 7th, 2016

Year 10 scientists viewing space craft used by the Soviets in the space race

A group of Year 10 scientists visited the Science Museum earlier this month.

Pupils were treated to a visit to the Science Museum in Kensington. The museum is currently hosting Cosmonauts, a unique exhibition about the birth of the space age in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Not only did the museum portray the history and developments of the space race, it also housed the original space crafts, rovers, lunar landers and gadgets used by cosmonauts in the first space travels.

The exhibition allowed the pupils to further explore the role physics has in space travel

The highlight of the exhibition was Vostok 6 – the spacecraft which Valentina Tereshkova flew on to become the first woman in space.

The visit was closely linked with the GCSE physics curriculum that includes the topic ‘exploring space’. Pupils learn how space exploration was made easier with the development of probes, landers and telescopes as well as the research for extra-terrestrial intelligent life.

For more images from the visit, click here.

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