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CitySafe Campaign

June 28th, 2012

CitySafe is a strategic, community-focused effort led by young citizens to tackle crime and the fear of violent crime. The campaign is designed to improve the relationships between the police, business communities and young people from different schools.

Teams of trained CitySafe Champions sustain local CitySafe Zones by building strong relationships among their peers, the police and neighbourhood organisations. Local businesses and organisations pledge 100% reporting of crime and anti-social behaviour and offer their premises as CitySafe Havens—places of safety for young people in immediate danger.

CirtySafe Action Teams also work to organise events where local police participate in real dialogue with local young people. During neighbourhood walks, young people, adults from the local community and police officers speak with shopkeepers and retailers about community safety.

On the 27th of June groups of boys at Central Foundation participated in a local neighbourhood walk. With local maps, badges and pens in tow the students worked in teams in order to each visit different shops. The goal; to forge and strengthen public relationships within the team, to develop leaders and to map the CitySafe Zone and the location of shops. Many shops were happy to hear about the initiative and local police patrolling the area even stopped what they were doing to find out more about the scheme.

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