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Christmas Showcase

December 17th, 2015

The Montagues and Capulets pull apart Romeo and Juliet in the Year 7 contemporary dance

In the final week of term, the drama department produced a Christmas showcase with a number of pieces from Years 7, 10 and 11.

In their first public production for the school, the Year 7 drama group reinterpreted Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a dance performance. Set entirely to music by Skunk Anansie, with no dialogue, the performers learnt the power of physical expression and the need for meticulous rehearsal in their choreographed play.

Prince Charming arrives with a glass slipper in the Year 10 pantomime Cinderella

Year 10 staged two different Christmas themed performances. The first was the traditional pantomime Cinderella. The second Year 10 performance was a re-enactment of the Christmas truce that took place in the First World War from Oh! What A Lovely War. The scene is an interpretation of what may have led to the famous football match that took place between opposing British and German armed forces in No Man’s Land.

The evening closed with a revival of the Year 11 Shakespeare Schools Festival performance of Othello. Rewritten for an all-male cast by Ms Maher, Head of Drama, the play was previously performed to a sold out audience at the Pleasance Theatre, Islington.

To see more images of the performance, click here.

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