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Our newly established Music School, a comprehensive programme of before school musical clubs, has already seen its first triumph this month. The school choir and strings ensemble were invited to perform for the Very Reverend Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster at a special lunchtime service on the last day of February at Wesley’s Chapel.

Reverend Hall travelled from Westminster Abbey, his usual parish where he officiated the marriage of William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to deliver a sermon about tradition and making history. His service was based around the piece performed by the Central Foundation Boys, Handel’s Zadok the Priest which was commissioned by George II for his coronation in 1727 and has been used in every English, and then British coronation since.

He noted the school had chosen an apt piece in 2013 as it will be the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in June. He also shared some memories of the Queen’s coronation as a young boy.

Zadok the Priest is a notably complex piece, using a static layering of soft strings followed by a rousing entrance augmented by trumpets and choir with four vocal ranges. The congregation were so impressed by the choir and orchestra’s performance, many were moved to applause despite this being against etiquette in the 18th Century Methodist church.

The Music School has a variety of clubs that are open to pupils of mixed ability where everyone is encouraged to take part. All the groups start before school, with a free breakfast provided at 7:45

Chamber Choir: Tuesday & Thursday 08:00 – 08:45

Senior Choir: Tuesday & Thursday 08:00 – 08:50

String Ensemble: Wednesday 08:00 – 08:50

Broken Voices Choir: Wednesday 08:00 – 08:45

Year 7 Singers: Tuesday & Thursday 08:00 – 08:45

FretWrx Guitar Group: Thursday 08:00 – 08:45

After Easter

Brass Ensemble: Wednesday 08:00 – 08:50

Woodwind: Wednesday 08:00 – 08:50

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