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Charity Bake Sale

March 4th, 2012

Charity Bake Sale

Last Thursday a charity bake sale for Cancer Research took place at the school. CFBS staff prepared a selection of delicious baked goods which were sold by a group of Sixth Form students. There was everything from scones with jam and clotted cream to freshly baked apple muffins.

The event was a major success; everything was sold out within 45 minutes!

There was also an opportunity for staff participants to enter a dish into a ‘Bake Off Challenge’. This involved 2 judges marking each entry on presentation, taste, smell and texture with the winner receiving a prize.

The winner was decided to be Ms Bagot with her raspberry crumble, which the judges described as a “party for the taste buds.” Congratulations!

The Sixth Form students should be applauded for their continuous enthusiasm and outstanding sales skills. Together they helped raise a grand total of £126.01, all of which will go to Cancer Research.

Thank you to Ms Begum for organising the event and to everyone who baked or purchased something from the bake sale.


Charity Bake Sale  Charity Bake Sale

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