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Central Futures Week

July 5th, 2016

Year 12 listen to four different career paths taken by guest speakers

Last week Year 12 began their transition period into Year 13, their final year at Central Foundation. To help prepare them for when they leave school, the Central Futures team – who are dedicated to finding employment, training and further education for every pupil – ran a week long series of workshops, lectures and activities.


The week began by welcoming back a number of former pupils, including Tz Hey Lam from University College London and Otto Sumray from Pembroke College, Oxford. Having only left the school last summer, they were in a perfect position to reminisce on everything they have experienced in the past two years and give advice to the sixth formers.

This talk was followed by a carousel programme where small groups would spend six 20 minute sessions hearing from a guest speaker on the various choices they can make: a gap year, studying abroad, apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, leftfield courses and hearing more from ex-students.

Year 12s working with Slaughter & May tutors on their personal statements

The following day, having had a chance to think about the various options that were open to them, the students had a chance to discuss potential opportunities and risks of the paths they were tempted to take. This led to another carousel programme of employability sessions such as applications to graduate and school leaver programmes, effective networking and building resilience.


The final part of the week focussed on applications and progression. Pupils had to select and justify eight realistic university choices and at least one non-university route, after which they heard from a financial advisor.

The final part of the week saw tutors from law firm Slaughter & May sit with a small group of students and individually talked through their personal statements for UCAS forms or careers applications and how to improve them. Each pupil will have to amend and improve their statements for follow up sessions with the same tutors in the coming weeks as the Central Futures team continues to prepare them for leaving school next year.

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