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Central Futures Fair

January 27th, 2015

Year 11s learning about working in the service industry, being a teacher and working in the media

On Friday, Central Foundation Boys’ School welcomed a number of representatives of local and national businesses to speak to the Year 11 pupils about future career possibilities.


Central Futures, a team of Central Foundation staff who are dedicated to securing further education, apprenticeships or work placements for every student who leaves the school, welcomed a number of notable businesses to give the pupils a chance to ask industry professionals about their experiences, how they secured their current job and also to show them the breadth of potential job prospects there are.

Pupils head first-hand accounts from a variety of industries

In four separate groups, the whole of Year 11 came to the hall to talk to employees from Lloyds Bank, ITV, Pret a Manger, Santander, G4S, Montcalm Hotels, Inmarsat and more. In intimate groups, the pupils listened to detailed descriptions of what each job entails and were helped to consider a number of less obvious roles available to them.


Hearing the first-hand accounts from a variety of new voices had a major impact on the Year 11s, how they need to start to consider how to bridge the gap between school and the working world and how the Central Futures team can provide them with support.

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