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Cashless Catering

June 19th, 2013


ParentPay is an online payment system that helps you pay for your son’s lunches, trips and other extracurricular activities in a quick and direct manner.

Log on to your son’s account at or find your nearest PayPoint by searching your postcode here.

Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering is a high-tech system which ensures a fast, efficient and transparent meal service. All school canteen tills operate on a cashless basis, accepting only biometric thumb scans or PIN numbers.

By scanning a student’s thumb, or receiving a PIN, money will be transferred from their ParentPay account; parents with more than one child can access different accounts from one login This will allow parents to place a maximum daily spend cap and be involved in what their son is eating every day.

Biometric scans are not the same as fingerprints. No prints are recorded or stored anywhere. Instead, an onsite computer will read between 50 & 130 points on the thumb and translate that information into two levels of encrypted code unique to your son.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require any assistance in setting your ParentPay account, please contact the school on 020 7253 3741 or e-mail at

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