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September 27th, 2012

Islington Council offers free Bikeability cycle training courses to all residents, employees and students based within the borough.

Bikeability is the Cycling Proficiency Test that aims to improve cycle skills for all abilities. Cycle training is delivered by accredited instructors and there is a range of courses on offer.

This morning, Phil Cordingley from The London Borough of Islington visited the Year 7 assembly to talk about the benefits of cycling and Islington’s new Bikeability scheme. He explained to the Year 7 students that cycling is fun, cheap, reliable, healthy and a great way to become more independent.

He also stressed that cycling safely in London requires a lot of know-how. Which is why the Bikeability Level 3 course is a great way to learn safe cycling, route planning and how to tackle complicated roads and junctions.

During Bikeability Level 3 training students will learn the skills to tackle a wide variety of traffic conditions. On reaching Level 3 standard students will be able to deal with all types of road conditions and more challenging traffic situations. The course covers dealing with hazards, making ‘on-the-move’ risk assessments and planning routes for safer cycling. Mr Cordingley offered a Bikeability course to the first 10 students who signed up but if you or your child is keen to cycle to school or gain more confidence on a bicycle, individual training is also available.

To learn more about the scheme or to contact Bikeability simply visit The Bikeability Site.

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