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Oliver Gnandi, Shaun Hylton, Baris Belkiran, Abdul Abdalla & Theo Farrell were all recorded for BBC News

BBC Business Editor Robert Peston visited Central Foundation last week to talk to pupils about their experiences of Business Studies in schools.

Five pupils from the Sixth Form’s BTEC Business Studies course took part in a roundtable discussion with Mr Peston that lasted well over an hour. He described the students as “brilliant at answering the questions about the future of work. They were interesting and intelligent.

He was particularly interested in asking the pupils if they felt the government is doing enough to encourage an entrepreneurial attitude in the country’s youth and if changes in the economy had changed their views towards going to university, working or starting a business.

Robert Peston's documentary will air on 28th October and be on BBC iPlayer

They also discussed the advantages of going to a school within walking distance of Tech City and how studying in the shadow of Google, Intel, EE and others affected them.

Oliver Gnandi said, “It was hard being asked questions on the spot, although it meant that our responses to the spontaneous questions were sincere and genuine.

The Editors will air on BBC News, 28th October.

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