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Four A level art students walking in front of the Tate Modern's iconic tower

Four Sixth Form students visited the Tate Modern art gallery last week to enhance their understanding of the variety of forms art can take.

Many museums and art galleries in London are free to view. To encourage the students to take advantage of the opportunity London provides Mr Coyle, Head of Art, took the class to view the Tate’s collection of some of the world’s most well known modern artists.

As well as admiring the Tate’s regular collection, the class also viewed the touring exhibition The World Goes Pop. This limited exhibition, which stays until January, gave the pupils a detailed and first-hand insight into the explosion of pop art, which became most famous in the ’60s and ’70s led by Andy Warhol. As the pupils work towards their final art exam at the end of this academic year, they will take some inspiration from the 64 artists that comprised the exhibition.

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