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Matthew Barzun (centre aisle), after talking with the upper school about the 'Special Relationship'

On Thursday 14th January, the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Matthew Barzun came to Central Foundation Boys’ School to speak to the Sixth Form and some Year 10 and 11 pupils about US domestic and foreign policy. His workshop allowed students to voice their concerns about foreign policy and their hopes for America. The Ambassador was thoroughly impressed with the students’ knowledge of US military operations of the past century, the Special Relationship with the UK and topical issues such as gun control, the upcoming Presidential nominations and drone strikes.

One student, Kaan Yuksel, remarked: “Meeting Matthew Barzun, the most powerful American in Britain, was an intriguing, exciting and enjoyable experience. A true privilege.”

In a conversation after the workshop, the Ambassador offered the following advice for Central Foundation Boys’ School students:

  • Actively listen to people. Try not to think about what someone can do for you, but what you can do for them and for society.
  • Building support from people is difficult, especially when you’re at the top. So find common ground with lots of different people and nurture their support.
  • Don’t assume that because you are in a position of power that you are an automatic leader.
  • Achieving success isn’t about climbing over people to the top, it’s about taking people with you.

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