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A Level Biology field trip

October 13th, 2016

Four A Level biologists sampling the ecosystem in Epping Forest

In the final week of September, 12 A Level biologists visited Epping Forest in Essex to further their studies.

The day-long field trip to the largest open space in Greater London saw the students learn a variety of techniques used by ecologists to sample habitats, collect data and analyse trends. Having been briefed in the morning on the techniques and equipment they would be using, the biologists took to the field to take samples of the vegetation living in the soil, on trees and in bodies of water all over the Forest.

They returned to the laboratory in the afternoon to begin analysing the data and were shown different ways that they can put this data together to form a presentation by professional scientists. The field trip gave the students a greater understanding of biology in action and has helped prepared them for their A Level exams next summer.

More photos of the field trip can be seen in the gallery by clicking here.

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