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Central Foundation Boys School

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IC6 Sixth Form

Interview Practice

November 22nd, 2017

Sixth Formers took turns interviewing each other for the workshop

Central Foundation provides guidance and helps students secure a pathway they wish to take through further education, employment and apprenticeship. In early November a professional camera crew visited the school to record stock footage of interviews, giving the Sixth Formers a chance to practice and watch back job interviews.

The camera crew spent two hours with Year 12 during their enrichment sessions – periods of time dedicated to learning life-skills and activities. The students were given job titles and company names by the camera crew and then had to assume the role of either the interviewer or the applicant.

The exercise of swapping roles between being interviewed and asking the questions meant they not only had practice in having job interviews, but thought more critically what kinds of questions an interviewer would ask and the answers they want to hear. As the interviews were recorded, it gave students the opportunity to watch the interviews back and evaluate their own performances in interviews.

Remembrance Day assembly

November 10th, 2017

The String Quintent performing Dido's Lament

This morning, Central Foundation honoured the 99th anniversary of Armistice Day with a whole school Remembrance Day assembly.

The assembly saw an address from Mr Brownhill, explaining the significance of Remembrance Day and the symbol of the poppy. This was followed by a reading from pupils of the poems In Flanders Fields and Rudyard Kipling’s My Boy Jack. Mr Brownhill discussed the history of In Flanders Fields and how it has come to be used in memorial services as well as the personal nature of Kipling’s poem, in part about his son who was lost in the First World War.

A musical piece followed each poem, with the Chamber Choir singing Michael Jackson’s Human Nature and the String Quintet performing Dido’s Lament by Henry Purcell.

The assembly concluded with the laying of three wreaths by the First World War Memorial

The two minutes’ silence commenced with an extract from The Fallen by Lawrence Binyon. After this Tommy from Year 9 played The Last Post to begin the silence. During the two minutes’ silence, three wreaths were laid at the school’s  War Memorial, which displays the names of all former pupils who lost their lives in the First and Second World War.

A wreath was laid on behalf of former pupils by Mr Borsak, a student at the school between 1948 and 1955. He was orphaned during the war when he lost his parents in the Blitz. He subsequently did his national service in the RAF, serving in Egypt during the Suez Crisis. A second wreath was laid by Ms Harrison on behalf of the employees of the school and a third wreath was laid by the School Captain on behalf of all the current pupils of the school.


The Drama Society learning to sing 'Master of the House'

In the final week before half term, the Drama Society welcomed Musical Youth London to experiment with adding singing to their acting performances.

The Drama Society meets every Wednesday after school and is open to all Year groups. They usually rehearse short acted pieces together, monologues or workshop physical theatre. However, on 18 October they welcomed Musical Youth London – a not-for-profit group who encourage 10-22 year-olds to perform and sing.

The hour long workshop saw the group taught a number of exercises to help them sing in the musical style. They also improvised movements and poses to help them explore characters. It led to them singing Master of the House, from Les Miserables, at the end of the session. It helped the group explore another way of expressing themselves and experience in how to introduce a different style of theatre into their pieces.

More images from the workshop can be found by clicking here.

Proposed Admission Arrangements (2019/2020) for Central Foundation Boys’ School. Click here to read.

The consultation period is from 02 November 2017 until 14 December 2017. Please send any comments to:
Agata Obirek
Cowper Street


Castle Making Competition

October 20th, 2017

Nine of the winners standing behind their winning castles

In the first half of the Autumn term, the history department ran a competition for Year 7s to build a model of a mediaeval castle.

The Year 7s overwhelmed the department with entries, leading to a lunch time exhibition for the Year group and teachers. The models were judged on accuracy, effort and attention to detail.

However, two of the winning castles were not present on the day of judging. This was due to one entry being made out of ginger bread and another was a cake sculpted from a Victoria sponge cake. Both of these castles were eaten by their respective classes before the competition day itself.

After much deliberation, the history team of Ms McMahon, Mr Scivyer and Mr Russell picked ten winners. Their reward will be a day trip to the Tower of London, where they will see a lot of what they learnt through the project in action.

More photographs of the model making competition can be viewed in our gallery by clicking here.

Year 9 Air Cadets Application

September 29th, 2017

Later this year, the school will be launching a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in association with the Royal Air Force. The opportunity is open to 25 students from Year 9. Pupils who wish to join need to complete and return the application and consent form by Thursday 5th October.


Both forms can be found by Cadets Letter.

David Dein taking a question from a Year 10 pupil

In late September, Central Foundation welcomed Premier League architect David Dein to deliver a lecture to over 100 students from Years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Dein is the former vice-chairman of both Arsenal FC and the Football Association. He served as vice-chairman of Arsenal from 1983 – 2007, having invested his own money in the club and was responsible for transforming Highbury into an all-seater stadium.

He joined the Football Association as a board member and later took a place on the council. It was there he became a major architect in the creation of the Premier League in 1992, which has revolutionised football in England.

During his lecture, Dein discussed the reasons behind his plan to restructure football. He detailed why his work was successful, both as a business and sporting strategy, and the challenges he faced in implementing it. After the lecture, Dein fielded questions from the students who were intrigued to analyse his career both from a role within business management and with respect to sport as a leisure activity.


A-level biologists taking field samples in Epping Forest

Over two weeks in September, A-level biologists visited Epping Forest in Essex to further their studies.

The two-day field trip to Greater London’s largest open space saw the students learn a variety of techniques used by ecologists to sample habitats, collect data and analyse trends. On the first day they used systematic sampling to investigate the correlation between soil compaction and the abundance of grass.

On their second day, they paid particular attention to pollarded trees which are a feature of Epping Forest. They are useful as they become a habitat for a range of species.

They returned to the laboratory to analyse the data and were shown different ways that they can put this data together to form a presentation by professional scientists. The field trip gave the students a greater understanding of biology in action and has helped prepared them for their A-level exams next summer.

More photos of the field trip can be seen in the gallery by clicking here.

GCSE Geographers were kept busy tracking data through the Debden Brook

In September 2017, GCSE Geographers visited Epping Forest to conduct a series of experiments to collect evidence towards their coursework.

With so much planned for their course, the Year 11s had not a moment to lose and so on the Thursday and Friday of the first month back they set off into Epping Forest. The forest is London’s largest open space at nearly 6,000 acres.

The students spent the two days along the Debden Brook collecting primary data for their assessment, investigating the hypothesis that Epping Forest is being sustainably and effectively managed and maintained.

Their focus while in Epping Forest was to investigate the pressure visitors can put upon local vegetation. They also researched and evaluated the effectiveness of the management strategies.

After returning, they spent their lessons analysing data and putting together a presentation to either support or reject the hypothesis.

For more images from their field trip, visit the gallery or click here.

16 pupils achieved the new grade 9

In the first set of results to include the new, reformed English Language, English Literature and Maths GCSEs, Central Foundation Boys’ School are celebrating another outstanding set of outcomes.

The new English and Maths GCSEs, graded on final exams rather than coursework as well as exams, have been described as the most difficult since the 1980s.  The new GCSEs are graded from 1 to 9, with a new top grade of 9 only being awarded to about 2% of students across the country.  The School is delighted that its students achieved 3 times this number of top grades with 10 students being awarded a grade 9 in English and 9 students a grade 9 in Maths.

The School is very proud of the achievement of all of the students in the new reformed GCSEs.  87% of students achieved a ‘standard pass’ of a grade 4, equivalent to a grade C, or better in both English and Maths. 70% of students achieved a ‘strong pass’ of a grade 5 or better in both English and Maths.

In English Language and Literature, 91% of the students achieved a grade 4 or above with 43% achieving grade 7, 8 or 9.  In Maths, 90% of the students achieved a grade 4 or above with 34% of the whole cohort achieving grade 7, 8 or 9.

There has been outstanding attainment and progress from students of all abilities with 34% of all grades at GCSE awarded as 7, 8, 9, A* or A. Science has continued to perform strongly, with 81% of students achieving at least a C grade, with 40% achieving A* or A. This exceptional student performance continued across the breadth of the curriculum with EBacc subjects performing particularly well including Computing (100% A*-C), French (95%), Spanish (86%), History (88%) and Geography (75%). ICT and Business Studies GCSE results were once again outstanding with A*-C% at 94% and 82% respectively. The creative faculty was well represented with Drama results of 95%.

Among the results, there were many individual success stories including:

Liam Elliott Brady who achieved two 9s, an 8, six A*s and two As.

Louis Jackson who achieved two 9s, an 8, four A*s and two As.

Fernando Rodriguez-Santamaria who achieved a 9, a 7, five A*s, four As.

Mehmet Gul who achieved a 9, two 7s, two A*s and six As.

Gabriel Rogers-Mullen who achieved a 9, an 8, a 7, seven A*s and one A.

Abubakar Buwe who achieved a 9, a 7, seven A*s and an A.

Ronnie Swash who achieved a 9, an 8, a 7, five A*s and two As.

Mateusz Kopiec who achieved two 8s, a five A*s and four As.

Headteacher Jamie Brownhill said, “Central Foundation believes every young person can be successful whatever their starting point or background and our results demonstrate that we have made this belief a reality. Our students have made exceptional progress throughout their time at the school and we are particularly delighted at the large number of top grades.”


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