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September 8th, 2013

Applications and admissions

Applications for Central Foundation should be made through the standard unified secondary school application form or you can apply online here. If you do not live in Islington, you can still apply to Central Foundation using your home local authority’s form (ie the council to whom you pay your council tax).

To read our prospectus please click here.

Admissions Policies:

Applications for 2018-19 – Parents applying for a place for their child under the School’s second admission criterion which offers priority to “Students who have exceptional special educational needs or have social or medical reasons for them to attend this particular school”, should provide supporting evidence, which could be a letter or a report, from an appropriate professional, for example, a GP, a Social Worker, a counsellor or any other professional working with the student or their family.


    Banding Test

    The School runs a fair banding process in relation to the admission of students. All students applying for a place at Central Foundation Boys’ School are placed in one of four ability bands following a standardised assessment to ensure a balanced, mixed ability cohort. 

    The banding test will take place on:

    Saturday 1st and 8th December

    Your son need only attend one banding test session and we will send you a letter closer to the date with the date and time of the banding test.

    If you have any queries relating to the secondary transfer process, please contact us on or on 0207 253 3741.

    Application dates

    • 31st October (Closing date for secondary transfer applications)
    • 1st March 2019 (Offer day)
    • 1st April 2019 (Deadline for submitting appeals)


    Uniform can only be purchased online from our supplier: Skoolkit and a pricelist can be found by clicking here.

    Due to high demand over the summer holidays, orders must be placed before 10th August to arrive for September.

    Please click on the following for information about:

    Please contact us if you have any questions on 020 7253 3741 or email

    Distance boundaries

    The table below shows a break-down of furthest distance (in miles) from the School by which secondary transfer applicants were accepted under the distance criterion in recent years. Please note that this distance changes each year and the statistics should be used only as a guide. The statistics are based on data published on National Offer Day in March and the distance from the School by which applicants were accepted expands as the places are allocated from the waiting list. Please note that in September 2018, the School offered an additional 30 places in Year 7 so the distance from the School by which applicants were accepted expanded. The School will offer an additional 30 places in Year 7 in September 2019 as well.

    September Entry
    Band 13.969
    Band 22.732
    Band 31.993
    Band 43.561

    Please note: There is no supplementary application form for Central Foundation Boys’ School.