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Physical Education

Physical Education

KS 3
About the course

The course aims to give students a wide spectrum of physical exercise. This will include individual activities as well as competitive team games.

Students will not only develop their skill levels in a range of activities, they will be encouraged to develop leadership skills also. All activities are linked the health and fitness and the benefits of a healthy life style. This is delivered through the following activities:

What they will learn

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Climbing
  • Fitness
  • Tag Rugby

How it will be assessed
At the end of a 9 lesson unit all students are assessed on their practical ability, understanding and leadership. These marks are then recorded in the form of National Curriculum levels.


KS 4
About the course
All students will have the opportunity to participate in Games lessons once a week. The curriculum will allow further progression from the work covered in KS 3. Students will also be introduced to volleyball and the safe use of the school’s fitness facility.

The present Year 10 have also embarked on a BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport which is equivalent to 2 GCSEs. During the course students will study A range of topics which will include:

  • Fitness and Fitness Testing
  • Practical Sport
  • Personal Fitness Development
  • Outdoor Education
  • Safety in Sport

What they will learn
Students will be encouraged to study the different areas utilising a range of methods which will require the development of independent learning skills.

How it will be assessed
Students can present their work in many ways including written tasks, presentations, video evidence etc. This work is then assessed internally by the school. All courses are closely evaluated by the exam board. Students are able to gain 3 levels of pass:

Pass – equivalent to a GCSE C grade
Merit – equivalent to a GCSE B grade
Distinction – equivalent to a GCSE A grade

Exam board

Future Career Paths in subject

University to study Fitness, Health and Exercise; Sport and Exercise Sciences; Sports Coaching with Sports Development; Sports Medicine; Physiology and Sports Science.

Careers include: Sport Science, Coaching, Health and Fitness Instructor, Teacher, Leisure Management, Sports Therapist, and the Armed Forces.

Head of Department:
Mr Richards


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