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KS 5
About the course
A Level Law is a wonderful subject that helps develop and sustain students’ enjoyment of, and interest in law. Students develop the techniques of logical thinking and the skills necessary to analyse and solve problems in selected areas of law such as murder by applying legal rules to problem scenarios. In addition, students will develop a critical awareness of the changing nature of law in society.

Law Trips

  • Parliament
  • London legal walk
  • Criminal Court visit to hear a live case
  • Royal Courts of Justice
  • Supreme Court
  • Work experience opportunities with Slaughter and May law firm


Subject Content

  • Nature of Law and the English Legal System
  • Criminal Law
  • Tort Law
  • Contract Law


How it will be assessed – 100% exam
This is a linear course where three exams will be taken at the end of the second year

Paper 1; The English Legal System, Nature of Law and Criminal Law

Paper 2; The English Legal System, Nature of Law and Tort Law

Paper 3; The English Legal System, Nature of Law and Contract Law

Exam board

Future Career Paths in subject
A Level Law could enhance your chances of being accepted into university either to take a Law degree, a Social Science or Business degree, or any other course of study. Whether you want a career in law, or in other areas like education, human resources, finance or business, this is a valuable course to take.

Many students taking this course want to pursue a career in the legal profession, politics or business, however if this is not for you, law is a valuable qualification to have on your CV. Law helps you to think in a very logical way by breaking down a problem into its component parts. You will be able to form strong legal arguments and in many managerial positions a basic understanding of law is a distinct advantage.

Head of Department:
Mrs Nedjdet


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