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KS 3

About the course

Through the course ‘ALLEZ’ students develop an understanding of the French language in 4 skill areas (listening, speaking, reading and writing.) The course develops the skills required to communicate in the target language and allows students to explore the culture of France and French speaking countries around the world. It is supported by an online resource ’Kerboodle’ that provides opportunities for students to practise each skill at home and outside of the classroom.

What they will learn

They will learn how to speak and write using the French language and aspects of grammar that allow them to recount past and future events. They will learn about home life and school in France and French speaking countries as well as important cultural similarities and differences.

How it will be assessed

6 modules per year, each assessed half termly. Each end of module assessment can test all four skills, although this can be varied.


KS 4

About the course

Students follow the Edexcel specification and are examined on the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. They will use the STUDIO text book to support their learning and will regularly use an online resource Vocab Express to build and expand their vocabulary.

What they will learn

Students will learn the language through 5 themes – identity and culture, local area, holiday and travel, school, future aspirations, study and work, international and global dimension.

How it will be assessed

Listening, reading, writing and speaking are assessed through terminal exams at the end of Year 11 ( 25% each).

Exam board

Edexcel (SPEC 1FR0)

Acting Head of Department:

Ms Ashby


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