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KS 3
About the course
In Year 7  Citizenship is taught in one timetabled lesson per week with one lesson per fortnight in Year 8.  It is taught in accordance to National Curriculum guidelines to develop the knowledge and skills students need to be able to participate in politics and society as young people and adults.

What they will learn

Topics taught include:

  • Rules, fairness, rights and responsibilities
  • Communities and identities
  • Laws and Justice
  • Human rights
  • Democracy, government, voting and politics
  • Managing money

There is a strong focus on culture, diversity and society throughout the study of these different topics.  Students are taught to research issues, to use evidence to support their opinions and to look at both sides of debates.

How it will be assessed

Students are assessed each half term by a range of different tasks designed to develop both their research and communication skills.

Future Career Paths in subject

A level Law, A level Critical Thinking.

Law and Politics.

Head of Department:
Mr Goodfellow


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